Dance of nations
The Council of International Student Organizations (CISO) presented "Dance of Nations," an international dance night showcasing performances from a variety of countries and cultures around the globe, performed by students and community members associated with several international groups at Virginia Tech. Photo Credit: Christina Franusich

At Virginia Tech, we believe that the collaboration of cultures, ideas, and different perspectives is an institutional asset that brings forth greater creativity, innovation, and learning for all our community members. That is why we welcome students of all identities, backgrounds, and life experiences and provide resources, programs, and connections for them. Begin your journey by visiting the Student Success Center and familiarizing yourself with VT terminology.

If you are an incoming student representing one or more of the following identities, know that you are a valued part of the Hokie Nation, and we want to help ensure your Virginia Tech education is an incredible experience that lasts a lifetime.

Are you the first in your family to go to college?

If so, you may have questions about how to navigate the university structure and you may want to connect with other FIRST-GENERATION STUDENTS.

students walking on campus

Are you a TRANSFER STUDENT coming to Virginia Tech from another two- or four-year institution?

If so, you already have valuable experience in higher education, but we want to ensure you acclimate to Virginia Tech and begin to thrive.


You may need assistance with immigration advising, U.S. customs and culture, employment, childcare, and finding a community.

Are you a VETERAN?

You may need assistance with utilizing military scholarships or need different resources on campus to help you transition to life as a student.

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Are you a member of a particular CULTURE OR COMMUNITY?

Virginia Tech’s Cultural and Community Centers provide a welcoming learning environment where you can join others in celebrating your heritage and/or identity designation. The six centers are: American Indian and Indigenous Community Center, Asian Cultural Engagement Center, Black Cultural Center, El Centro, Intercultural Engagement, and LGBTQ+ Resource Center.