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Inclusion & Belonging

Students standing in a group
Photo credit: Mary Desmond for Virginia Tech Student Affairs

Engaging in civil discourse is our right and responsibility.

Understanding the importance of diverse perspectives enriches our community. Part of every person’s responsibility is to take a stand, to recognize the importance of understanding and respectfully expressing one’s own ideas, perspectives, and opinions, thus, allowing others to reflect and consider the validity of their beliefs.

Students need to know where they stand.

We aim to increase supportive experiences and environments for historically underrepresented students at Virginia Tech and foster environments for students to develop friendships, conversations, and learning across diverse identities.

Foundations - conversations focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging framed through a college student's lens.

A Virginia Tech Podcast

Foundations aims to address these issues through discussions on self-awareness, cultural knowledge, openness, perspective-taking, communication, and collaboration.