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What is Hazing?

Virginia Tech defines hazing as any mental or physical requirement, request, or obligation placed upon any person that could cause discomfort, pain, fright, disgrace, or injury; that is personally degrading; or that violates any federal, state, or local statute or university policy, the willingness of an individual to participate in such activity notwithstanding.

These can be Physical or Psychological Acts. Some examples of hazing activities include:

  • sleep deprivation
  • humiliation
  • forced eating
  • acts of exertion
  • isolation from the group
  • acts of servitude
  • forced consumption of alcohol

Overview of Virginia Anti-Hazing Law

On July 1, 2022, amendments to the Code of Virginia were enacted by the General Assembly directly impacting Hazing Prevention Training required of universities. The legislation (known as Adam’s Law) requires University Staff train in-person, potential new organization members, current organization members, and advisors of student organizations on hazing, the dangers of hazing, including alcohol intoxication, and hazing laws and institution policies and information explaining that the institution's disciplinary process is not to be considered a substitute for the criminal legal process.

Fraternity and Sorority Life and Student Engagement and Campus Life have worked together to implement training sessions, maintain records of completions, and uplift a hazing-free experience on our campus through events like the Hokies Don’t Haze Huddle.

See below for more information about the requirements for student organizations.

Student Organization Training Information

1. Which student organizations are required to have members complete the training?

Adam’s Law outlines that all “Student Organizations with New Members” must have all prospective, new, and current members as well as advisors complete in-person hazing prevention training through the university.

The law defines a “Student Organization with New Members” as “a student organization officially recognized by an institution of higher education structured in such a way that upon invitation for membership, individuals do not automatically become members of such an organization and have a period of time between invitation for membership and being initiated into membership.” Student Organization with New Members does not include any varsity intercollegiate or club athletic team.

All fraternities and sororities directly supported by the Fraternity and Sorority Life office are required to complete the training requirement. All other recognized student organizations are screened during the annual registration process for eligibility and are contacted if they indicate that they meet the definition of “Student Organization with New Members.”

If you have additional questions about your organization’s eligibility for this requirement, please contact and include the full name of your organization.

We strongly encourage leadership of all student organizations to consider attending the training to stay informed about risks related to hazing and alcohol within student organizations.

2. How do you complete the training requirement?

Most Fraternity and Sorority Life affiliated organizations will have prospective members complete their training requirement as part of their recruitment and/or new membership processes.

Members of student organizations required to complete the training can participate in an open training session offered by Student Engagement and Campus Life, as listed on GobblerConnect.

Request a Session for Your Organization!

If your organization has more than 25 members who need to complete the training requirement, you can request a facilitator come to one of your scheduled meetings. Please email to request a hazing training for your organization and include the following details:

  • Full organization name
  • Time, date, and location of meeting
  • Number of members anticipated

3. When do members need to complete the training requirement?

Your student organization should ensure members complete the training as early in their membership process as possible to ensure members are aware of the risks of hazing and alcohol use as they navigate the new member process.

Fraternity and Sorority Life affiliated organizations are required to complete the training as a prerequisite for joining one of these chapters.

Other recognized student organizations must ensure that a minimum of 90% of all members, including prospective, new, and current members complete the training by the end of the semester during which they become active and/or join the organization.

Based on current legal guidance, completion of the training is required once during your time at Virginia Tech and counts for your membership in all organizations that you join.