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Hokie Family Handbook

Students walking on campus soft focused behind fall leaves, Blacksburg campus
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Family members play an important role in their students’ lives.

Today’s college students are in contact with their families more than ever—sometimes multiple times a day. Because of this, we want to make sure you have the information you need as you support your student during their time at Virginia Tech. Students benefit when their family members understand and support their college experience, while encouraging them to take responsibility for the decisions they make. Our goal is to assist you and your student during their transition to Virginia Tech and to support their ongoing academic success and personal growth.

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office serves as advocates for students by providing class absence verification, support during personal or family crisis, and advising throughout the student conduct process. When students encounter challenges, we’re here to help them create plans, connect to resources, and gain the confidence to get back on track. We’re a friendly, caring team ready to listen and assist students, families, friends, and faculty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your student has applied, been accepted, and is planning for their life at Virginia Tech... now what?

Your student’s life as a Hokie has started, and we know that can be overwhelming. That’s where “You’re In... Now What?” comes into play. This is your guide to life at Virginia Tech and the tool that will help you and your student plan for life on campus. You’ll find information on just about anything you need to know about the university, from dining plans and housing contracts, to move-in tips and to-do checklists. “You’re In... Now What?” is a great resource for all things Hokie.