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A Framework for Family Support

Student Affairs

As part of our effort in “doing whatever it takes to support the individual success of every student”, we recognize the profound influence of, and partnership with, families during their educational journey at Virginia Tech. Our priority is helping students form lives marked by thriving, flourishing, and resilience, whether in moments of triumph or failure.

Our students are on a complicated journey of growth and development. Student Affairs seeks to build in students an agency to own their feelings, find hope, discover purpose, and be accountable for their own decisions and values. It is for this reason that we always involve students directly in conversations about their concerns, experiences, or challenges, even if brought to our attention by a parent or other family member. It is indeed true that students over the age of 18 have privacy rights afforded by the Federal Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA). When students waive those rights, however, Student Affairs will still ask that students participate in conversations about their Virginia Tech experience.

As Student Affairs educators, we will…

  • View the student’s individual success as our priority.
  • Request students participate in discussions with their families, even when they have waived their privacy rights.
  • Recognize families are important advocates and partners in a student’s educational journey.