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Student Affairs Advancement

Student Affairs Advancement

A great education is all-encompassing and endures for a lifetime.

Torgersen Hall

It’s in the choices we make every day, and it continues long after our formal schooling has concluded. Virtually every aspect of a student’s life is exemplified in the work of Student Affairs. We recognize that a great education takes place everywhere on campus, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Student Affairs’ commitment to Virginia Tech is to complement a Virginia Tech Education while encouraging students to flourish by giving them the programs, services, support, and tools to make the most of their experience at Virginia Tech. In doing so, we may also help them develop exceptional qualities of strength and character. We don’t want students to just survive — we want them to thrive.

From orientation through graduation, Student Affairs provides an exceptional educational experience for our students during all stages of their Virginia Tech journeys. To do this, we focus on offering innovative new programs and services, like ExperienceVT and Well-Being, that have proven successful in the past.

We are committed to an ambitious advancement initiative. We want to expand opportunities and access for all students. We are building community -- on our campus and throughout the world. Partner with us today to walk alongside other Hokies to enhance the learning environment.